December 8 Tree Planting

by SHAF President Dr Tom Clemens

Although the weather looked doubtful, a large number of volunteers gathered to plant over one hundred apple trees in the historic Piper Orchard. This project was the second phase of a restoration of the 17 acre orchard that occupied the hill just behind Bloody Lane. SHAF volunteers carried out the first phase a couple years ago and in a few more years the orchard will look similar to the 1862 scene.

SHAF Tree Planting, Dec 2007 ANBP (Clemens)

Not all of the volunteers on December 8 were from SHAF, but several members participated. The temperature hovered in the low 40’s and rain had let up just the night before. The NPS staff told us that due to the wet weather we needed to do all the digging by hand. This was not as bad as it sounded because by noon we had all the trees planted! Also the NPS provided hot coffee and home-made donuts from a shop in Sharpsburg. It took a while to scrape off all the mud from my boots, but it was certainly time well spent. We encourage anyone who lives nearby to join us in the scene restoration projects, they are very rewarding.

Work Day for Spring

Saturday April 12, meet at the Visitor’s Center Parking lot at 9, dress for the weather. Bring gloves and drinks.