Restoration of the East Woods

(from the December 2009 SHAF Newsletter)
by Tom Clements, SHAF President

A misty and cloudy day did not dampen the spirits of 15 SHAF members who gathered on Saturday November 14 to replant a section of the historic East Woods.  The last of the three major woodlots on the northern end of the field, East Woods was much larger at the time of the battle than its current footprint.  Starting last year the Natural Resources group at Antietam began to plant seedlings in a five acre patch adjoining the current woodlot.  Our members pitched in with a will, and by noon had planted several dozen seedlings in a cleared lot just south and east of the Cornfield.

Although the weather was moist, no hard rain fell, and the damp soil is ideal for tree planting.  Our work will be obvious to visitors from the Cornfield tour stop, look for the tubes used to protect the seedlings from the many deer that live in the park.

Fall 2009 Work Day
Our semi-annual Work Days have become a tradition at the battlefield, and the effort to restore the historic scenery of the field is appreciated by the park staff and visitors.  We usually work on Saturday mornings, once in the spring and once in the fall.  Watch our website, for announcements of our next date.

Please join us!

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