President’s message – July ’09

(from the July 2009 SHAF Newsletter)

I am happy to tell you about some exciting changes at Antietam National Battlefield. The wayside exhibits at the various tour stops in the park have been updated. After much careful research and discussion, new plaques had been placed which aid greatly in enhancing the visitor’s experience. By and large they include a visual representation of the casualties and troops engaged, show some artifacts, and include some pertinent quotations from participants in the battle. They really look great, and are reason enough to visit the field.

If you need more reason, let me tell you about some other changes. Zig-zag rail fences have been added along Smoketown Road, and the Joseph Poffenberger farmstead is being restored and painted. The barn has been dismantled and is being rebuilt. Likewise the corn crib/wagon shed. And the David Miller house is being restored too. Asbestos shingles have been removed and the project will extend over several years to return the house to its war-time appearance. You need to come see these changes!

We’ll be hosting a couple of exciting events this year. The details of the Potomac River Wading are covered elsewhere. We’ll also host a Work Day in the fall. Likely we’ll be working the first Saturday in November but we’ll post this on the website when we know for sure. We’d love to have your help in these scenic restoration projects, they are quite rewarding.

Also, after a long and tortuous ordeal, the Grove Farm Tour stop has been re-configured, see details and pictures in this issue.

As always we appreciate your support and input, so please let us know how we’re doing.

Tom Clemens

President, SHAF

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