New Maryland Campaign driving tour available

Save Historic Antietam Foundation, Inc., in cooperation with the National Park Service, is pleased to introduce a new driving tour map of the famous Civil War Maryland Campaign of 1862.

This tour consists of 12 stops that lead a visitor from Monocacy National Battlefield, site of finding of Lee’s Lost Order, through the battles of South Mountain, Harpers Ferry, Antietam and Shepherdstown. Along the way, some of the most scenic and historic views and towns in Western Maryland and West Virginia make this driving tour a pleasant experience.

The driving tour has been produced to allow the casual visitor, as well the seasoned campaigner, to investigate a series of sites, many of which are off the beaten path, which supplement the story told at the National Parks at Harpers Ferry, Antietam and the C&O Canal. Maryland’s South Mountain Battlefield is covered in this tour, but other sites, such as Shepherdstown Ford, Boonsboro and Middletown are included.

Linking these sites, and listing other possible side trips, gives the first comprehensive look at the titanic struggle of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia on its first and most influential invasion north of the Potomac River. The route of Union General George McClellan’s Army of the Potomac is traced as it pursues Lee, and brings his army to battle in several actions during September of 1862.

The map will be available at the National and State Parks, as well as the local Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus. It was produced by a grant from the American Battlefield Protection Program, and is free of charge.

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