2018 Annual Meeting

SHAF Annual Membership Meeting

All members and guests invited! Saturday April 28, 10:00 a.m. at the Mumma Farm barn, Antietam Battlefield. We will sum up the previous year, report on activities and finances, and discuss priorities, accept nominations for new Board members and discuss future plans. In addition, we may a have a presentation or two from board members.

We will also have SHAF hats, shirts and tote bags for sale, as well as books, prints and other items, all to benefit SHAF. There is a possibility Dennis Frye’s new book will be out by then, and if so he will have them there.

We will again have sandwich lunches delivered for those who like, and after lunch we will have a short walking tour of McLaws’ counterattack, featuring the 10 acre tract of land purchased last year.

 Lunch options
Lunches include: sandwich, chips, pickle, cookie and soda. The options for sandwiches/ Wraps are: Chicken Salad,Tuna salad, Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Veggie, Egg Salad, Ham Salad.

Bread Choices are: Wheat, Rye, Sourdough, White, Pumpernickel, Kaiser & tortilla wraps.

$10. each, order from me (antietam@verizon.net)  or Paula (paula@paulasreed.com) by April 25.

Hope to see you there.

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